We, the people of Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities, uniquely value...

  • The celebration of diversity
  • Serving an open invitation to the Sacrament of Communion
  • The use of inclusive language in worship
  • A commitment to the power of prayer
  • The welcome of all people from diverse faith traditions
  • A dedication to community service
  • Becoming a “user friendly” church
  • A commitment to social justice
  • The open promotion of fellowship



Our Community Involvement

Tithing to the Community

A percentage of the tithes and offerings we receive at MCC of the Quad Cities are awarded annually to a local community organization. Past recipients of the award include Churches United of the Quad Cities, AIDS Project Quad Cities (APQC) and Quad Citians Affirming Diversity (QCAD).

Social Justice

MCC of the Quad Cities gives an annual award to an outstanding group or individual in the greater community showing commitment to social justice issues at the local level.

MCC QC also supports LGBT rights through cooperative participation with community groups including APQC, QCAD, Progressive Action for the Common Good (PACG) and OneIowa.

Feed the Hungry

MCC QC participates in a program rotation that provides a hot meal to the hungry and homeless. Each month, members and friends prepare a meal and transport it to the designated site and serve it to those in need.

Ecumenical Participation

MCC QC is a member of Churches United of the Quad Cities, an organization whose mission is to increase the expression of unity among Christian churches and empower them for service through Cooperative Ministry, Witness, Advocacy, Celebration in Worship, and Growth through study and dialogue - all of which express and honor the diversities among and within our communities.

In addition, we respect the rights of all persons to worship God through the many different faiths and paths that are in the diverse spiritual world.